Batch Size5.610 galBoil Size6.333 gal
Boil Time60.000 minEfficiency70%
ABV6.7%Bitterness40.1 IBU (Tinseth)
Color29.4 srm (Mosher)Calories (per 12 oz.)255


Total grain: 17.000 lb
Pale Malt (2 Row) USGrain11.000 lbYesNo79%2.0 srm
Munich Malt - 10LGrain4.000 lbYesNo77%10.0 srm
Pale Chocolate MaltGrain2.000 lbYesNo71%200.0 srm


Saaz (USA)3.75%1.000 ozFirst Wort60.000 minPellet6.3
Northern Brewer9%1.500 ozBoil60.000 minPellet33.8


White - European Ale WLP011AleLiquid1.902 qtPrimary


NameTypeAmountTempTarget TempTime
Conversion Step, 68C Infusion4.550 gal166.611 F154.400 F60.000 min
Final Batch SpargeInfusion4.243 gal182.110 F165.200 F15.000 min


  1. Add 12.000 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US, 4.000 lb Munich Malt - 10L, 2.000 lb Pale Chocolate Malt, to the mash tun.
  2. Bring 4.550 gal water to 166.611 F, 4.243 gal water to 182.110 F, for upcoming infusions.
  3. Add 4.550 gal water at 166.611 F to mash to bring it to 154.400 F. Hold for 60.000 min.
  4. Add 4.243 gal water at 182.110 F to mash to bring it to 165.200 F. Hold for 15.000 min.
  5. Do first wort hopping with 1.000 oz Saaz (USA),.
  6. Bring the wort to a boil and hold for 60.000 min.
  7. Put 1.500 oz Northern Brewer into boil for 60.000 min.
  8. Stop boiling the wort.
  9. You should have 5.730 gal wort post-boil. You anticipate losing 1.000 qt to trub and chiller loss. The final volume in the primary is 5.480 gal.
  10. Cool wort and pitch White - German Ale/K├Âlsch WLP029 Ale yeast, to the primary.
  11. Let ferment until FG is 1.021.
  12. Transfer beer to secondary.