SQ 14 Test

--- still need to update gas pressure and valve info

I bought a SQ 14 burner only from ASC for the low low price of $9.99! I was hoping to use it as a boil burner but after re-orificing it just didn't have the BTU to cut it. As a fall back position I'm going to use it at my HLT burner.

ASC Pn:40282
Original BTU70,000
Re-orificed BTU?
H20 Volume10 Gal
Air Temp12 C
Starting H2O Temp15.5 C
Target H2O Temp82 C

Here is my test setup:
Honeywell control Valve & regulator

Burn in operation. you can see the home made pilot burner. Flame is on the reducing side, need to up the orifice or reduce the pressure.

Temperature controller with relay contacts.

Chart of results.


10 Gallons of water is 80 pints which is 80 lb. of water. T delta is +148.1 F in 100 Min is 11848 total BTU. That gives me an effective 7108 BTU/h. While I stopped the test at 80C the water temp did hit 82 a few minutes later but i was busy and don't know exactly when so it is omitted from the data set.

Ideally I would be able to hit 82C with in 1 hour but practically I think that this burner will work. First, I can still get more heat out the the burner by better tuning the air/gas mix & gas pressure. Second, I can run the rig in "Lincoln is impatient mode" by pumping the water into the boil kettle and letting run back down into the HLT, and using the boil burner to heat as well.