Batch Size6.000 galBoil Size6.723 gal
Boil Time60.000 minEfficiency70%
ABV5.2%Bitterness10.6 IBU (Tinseth)
Color6.2 srm (Mosher)Calories (per 12 oz.)175


Total grain: 11.875 lb
Wheat Malt, GerGrain7.250 lbYesNo84%2.0 srm
Pilsner (2 Row) GerGrain4.250 lbYesNo81%2.0 srm
Melanoiden MaltGrain6.000 ozYesNo80%20.0 srm


Hallertau3.2%1.000 ozBoil45.000 minPellet8.4
Hallertau3.2%0.500 ozBoil15.000 minPellet2.3


Wyeast - German WheatAleLiquid0.528 cupPrimary


NameTypeAmountTempTarget TempTime
ConvertionInfusion4.156 gal164.394 F153.000 F90.000 min
Final Batch SpargeInfusion4.360 gal179.835 F165.200 F15.000 min


fg tartget is 1.009 use 1L starter


  1. Add 7.250 lb Wheat Malt, Ger, 4.250 lb Pilsner (2 Row) Ger, 8.000 oz Rice Hulls, to the mash tun.
  2. Bring 3.594 gal water to 165.761 F, 4.874 gal water to 177.879 F, for upcoming infusions.
  3. Add 3.594 gal water at 165.761 F to mash to bring it to 153.000 F. Hold for 1.500 hr.
  4. Add 4.874 gal water at 177.879 F to mash to bring it to 165.200 F. Hold for 15.000 min.
  5. You should now have 6.658 gal wort. Add 0.000 tsp water to the kettle, bringing pre-boil volume to 6.658 gal.
  6. Bring the wort to a boil and hold for 1.000 hr.
  7. Put 1.000 oz Hallertau into boil for 45.000 min.
  8. Put 0.500 oz Hallertau into boil for 15.000 min.
  9. You should have 6.185 gal wort post-boil. You anticipate losing 1.000 qt to trub and chiller loss. The final volume in the primary is 5.935 gal.
  10. Cool wort and pitch Wyeast - German Wheat Ale yeast, to the primary.
  11. Let ferment until FG is 1.013.
  12. Transfer beer to secondary.