My Hot Liquer Tank & Mash Tun stand - in Process

After doing about 4 all grain batches, some of the key issues that I wanted to solve to make the brew day easier are:

Well the last one is not stricly for all grain I still see a huge improvement in cooling times. I also wanted the Completed stand to be some what modular so that I could use the boil burner on its own as well as load it into the Jeep to take to a friends house.

Overall design goals are:

First built one side using boil stand to help fixture.

Rather that mitering the cross pices, Its stronger to notch them.

Now that one side is built, using it to fixtuer the other side.

Next with extra materal, clamp the two sides together and make sure everything fits.

Other info and links, unsorted:
Gas supply hose Gas conectors gas pipe sizing

It's extremely easy to put 12.7mm OD borosilicate tubing into 1/2" tube compression fittings as long as you replace the metal ferrules with #111 silicone orings (2-3 per fitting). Now, if you need large ID, you're on your own but the concept is the same. .... You need to use a glass tubing cutter which just scores the glass around the circumference and then you snap it. However, you really need to flame polish the cut ends to keep them from getting nicked. You can call an art glass shop and have them cut to any specs you want. It will cost you a few bucks more, but you save from buying the cutter and acetylene torch. Bobby_M